What We Do

In short, we help families
care for their loved ones.

How We Help

By providing quick access
to resources, support,
expert advice, information
and costs of care.

Our Purpose

To play a part - however large or
small, in easing the burden faced
by family caregivers, allowing them
to find the best care for their loved
ones and maintain balanced lives.

LifestageCare has been providing resources and support to family caregivers since 1988 – with the same resolve in mind, both for the organizations that we work with and the valued members that we serve on their behalf:

We provide organizations with a valuable benefit to help strengthen the relationships they have with their members - whether they are policy holders, employees or other group / association members.

For the members of these organizations, we remain unwavering in our commitment to supporting each, and every one of the families with access to resources and information to help guide them in navigating care and finding solutions for their loved ones, young and old. Our intent is to save them time while easing the stress and burnout so commonly associated with caregiving.

Nationwide & Bilingual
Our fully bilingual service is available across Canada and allows families to find care and support services for aging relatives who may live in another province.
Telephone Support
Prefer to go online and search yourself? No problem! Prefer to call and speak with us directly? No problem!
Access 24/7
Call us anytime of the day or night and speak with a live person.
We offer all partners the option to co-brand allowing them an additional customer touch-point, helping promote engagement with their own brand.
Our service can also be upgraded to include access to Nurses, Dieticians, Lifestyle Coaches and Legal Assistance.
We remain impartial, unbiased and do not collect fees for listings. Instead we strive to maintain complete lists of services in all categories allowing families to make the most informed decisions about care.